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The future of technology isn’t just about developing new products and putting them on the market. It’s about designing a new or already existing product and combine it with a technology such as AI, 3D printing and Virtual reality to enhance its functionalities. It’s called new product innovation.

It is no coincidence we are linking design thinking, the lean mindset and growth marketing to these new technologies. It is because these methodologies server as a gateway to start developing business ideas that will democratize the technologies of tomorrow. We bring the technologies & methodologies together.

Image that you want to buy new furniture for your bedroom, but going all the way to a major Swedish furniture distributor is quit a painful step in the process.. instead of that, image that all you have to do is take your virtual reality mask, go online an visit your dream bedroom form your couch. Pretty amazing no ?

Linking the technologies of tomorrow today !

  • A user-centric approach to create innovative solutions
  • Iterative testing methods to learn form your customers behavior.
  • A process of rapid experiments to better grow your your business.
  • Disrupt your business with startup methodologies


How we proceed with Tools and Lean start-up methodologies.

Design Thinking Lean & Agile Growth marketing
A framework for innovation Start small, think big, scale fast Get one step ahead for your online business growth
  • Understand user’s needs
  • Problem definition
  • Process of generating ideas
  • Making things people want
  • Thinking outside the box
  • Quickly prototyping & testing ideas
  • World of extreme uncertainty
  • Need of constant adaptation to changing market conditions
  • Learn from your customers (feedback loop)
  • Iterative testing cycles
  • Reducing waste of time and money
  • Improve your business model everyday
  • A mindset & a process
  • A scientific approach
  • KPI & objectives
  • Data driven – North Star metric
  • AARRR framework
  • Prioritisation through the ICE Score